C6.0.7+W7 64bit+RadeonX550 - Video window is black - Why!??

I am using Cubase 6.0.7 (32bit/64bit) on a Windows 7 64bit system with a Radeon X550 Graphics card with 2 screens - XVGA and VGA (analog/digital) and a Digi003 Firewire 400.

As directed by Steinberg; Quicktime is up to date, and the video plays in QT and WMP with no problems. I have changed the file types to .mov , .avi , n264 , jpg , .mp4 in an attempt to get them to run in C6 ; though I am still having no luck at all.

The strange thing is that I can see the video strip, and when I double click it, the video can be seen in the video window for a millisecond or so, then it turns to black. With this, it confuses matters more for me…?!

So, there’s a few things that could be an issue:
1/ 64bit system + C6 + QT (32bit) = No C6 video ?!?
2/ The graphics card is not tested = not compatible…!?!

Apart from this, the system is solid and I do not use it online or anything risky like that.

Thank you for your help on this as I know you are all very busy :nerd: , though really need this fixed as I have an important video project to do asap for a client :nerd:


Umm… is there anyone with anything to say about this??

I have now unplugged one of the monitors and restarted. Still the same issue. No idea what to do. :cry:

… and have attempted to install codecs, though get an error within the registry, so not sure if Quicktime already has codecs installed or not?!

Ok, this is fixed with a new Graphics card. The X550 is simply too old to cope with my DDR3 Quadcore system. The new graphics card I have put into my system is: Asus GT520 Silent. It works, and my system is faster.