C6 32 bit and C6.5.1 64 bit together ?

Hi, does anybody know why I can’t have C6 32 bit and C6.5.1 64 bit running at the same time on W7 64 bit OS, cheers, Kevin

I thought you could do this ok. If you installed V6 before then when updating to 6.5 you only select to upgrade the x64 version.

What exactly is happening when you tried it?

If I have one instance of Cubase running the other will not open, bit of a bummer really, both versions are 6.5.1 thanks for your interest…Kevin

but when I first tried it the 32 bit version was just C6 and it wouldn’t open then also…

I really dont think you can have two Cubases running on the one OS at the same time.

Yeah it would seem so…pity, wanted to drag and drop wav files to 32 bit so’s I can use some 32 bit plugins, no problem I suppose i can just close one and open the other, thanks, Kevin

Ahh sorry…thought you meant installed at the same time…not running at the same time which is definitely not possible.

Why not bridge the 32 bit plugs you need so you can work only in x64.

Jbridge will allow you to bridge just a selection so you don’t clutter any more than necessary and still seems to have higher compatibility than the built in bridge.

Tried the jbridge thing and had a lot of hassle with a few plugins but now with the 32 bit version running on the same comp as the 64 bit version my probs are over…the projects are interchangeable so when I need ram I use the 64 and when I need my 32 bit plugs I use the 32 …all my 32 plugs are working fine…I have found this to be much easier than jbridge plus it’s one less thing to worry about…brill, cheers, Kevin