C6.5 Automation hilarity?

Hi All

I have recently upgraded to C6.5 (latest update) 64 bit mac.

I have noticed that VSTi automation of Virus control has developed a strange twist.

In C5 I used to record automation of the Access Virus TI in several takes, so on channel 1 you record (eg) track 1 filter cutoff, then track 2 another parameter etc. The automation lanes appeared as they were recorded and a parameter was only overwritten when its control was turned (hence touch mode).

In C6.5 I have noticed that the topmost lane starts overwriting as well as the one you are modifying below, the result is the automation on the top lane starts writing the current value of its control as a flat line, erasing all the good stufff you put in before. I tried various workarounds, nothing seems to fix it. It looks like this is a bug.

Please can someone else confirm this operation ie its not just me going mad? I couldn’t get it to fail on another plugin so maybe its just Virus control <> C6.5 (or similar multitrack VSTis and C6.5.

Anyone see the same? Or is it just me? :unamused: