C6.5 Halion audio files missing please check installation

Due to a new SSD I set up a new instance of Win7/64 with C6.5-32.

Now Halion SE doesn’t work, it says “missing audiofiles, please check installation”.

I deinstalled it and reinstalled it to work with all users, still the same thing.

By deinstalling the HalionSE upgrade refused deinstallation.

Looking up the pathfrom the startup menue from the non admin user it pointed to the admin appdata folder, which was empty. Copying files didn’t help.

Any clues?

Greetings from Cologne,


Not the update for Halion SE was bad, I had no content for HalionSE at all.

So Ideleted the installed prgramm files with the deinstaller for all users and the admin,
went all the way back to Cubase 4 and installed 5, 6 and 6.5 with the content.

Still had to gobble with the installation , since the check where you can decide if for one or all users is somehow misplaced out of side.

Still had to copy my content in the app folder from the admin to the non admin user.

I wrote it down here because I doubt that I can rember it. Hope it’s useful for others :bulb: