C6.5 Plugin window doesn`t show channel name - SOLVED

In C6.5 Plugin window once opened doen`t show channel name in its title. Title of the window is simply empty.
So if many windows open there is no chance to understand to wich channel plugin window belongs. Any suggestions?

UPD: Switching off aero theme on windos 7 solved the problem.

I’m assuming that you mean a plugin in an insert slot?
Should display the track name, insert slot, and name of the plugin.

Was it showing the name before?
Perhaps try trashing your prefs?

Can you post a screenshot please?

Here is the screenshot.

UPD: trashing prefs does not work.
Windows 7 64 bit. C6.5

Does it show the information on the title bars in a new project?
Was it displaying the title bar information before?
System specs?
Number of tracks in that project?

Yes previously titles was ok (may be before 6.5 update… i just noticed this weird behaviour dont know).
Now it does not show neither in new project nor in existing.
This project approx 30 tracks but i tell you it doesn`t matter.
System specs:
Windows 7 64 bit i7 2.0 current updates
8gb ram
Cubase 6.5.1


Don’t think its a bug because then more peole would have same problem. Didn’t have a problem like this yet.
Perhaps something during the update got lost.

Did you made your update as admin and for all useres`?
Tryed also to deactivate the aero effetc?

Greetz Bassbase

You could always try the “ultimate” reset of Cubase:

Uninstall and reinstall.

Uninstalled-reinstalled… same thing :cry: :question:

Tested a differnt grafic layout from win7 (no areo glass)

After deinstalling you also delete the prefernces in the app folder?
Made are regestrycleaner with f.e. ccleaner?

Installed as admin and for all users?

Greetz Bassbase

YES! disabling aero worked! its pity that aero bugged…


Wonderfull so please change thread tile to if Pluginnames gone deactivate aeroglass or what ever and delete bug because its a win7 feature.

Greetz Bassbase