C6.5 users...can u "replace files" in Soundcloud?

Does 6.5’s new Soundcloud feature restrict u to just uploading a new song to your account or can I “replace file” with it?

The main reason I’m asking is, I “replace files” a lot. I have songs that are already up but I constantly mix, re-mix, etc and then reupload them. I had to sign up and pay for the Soundcloud Lite account just to do this. Yes, occasionally I add a whole new song, but mostly and recently, I’ve been just updating tracks.

I hope this makes sense. Does C6.5’s Soundcloud function allow this?


I just have a free soundcloud account so replace isn’t available for me anyway, but I don’t think it’ll be possible.
When you export to soundcloud, it starts uploading before you are offered any options about the song. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a full license, but I think it’s not possible.

Ok thx! If anyone has a paid account and knows for sure, lemme know!

Also can u upload wav’s via the C6.5 export interface?

Thanks again!

Bump…was thinking of getting 6.5 tonite so kinda hoping to find this out.


I am pretty sure wave files are not possible. They are using a the ‘new’ Neil Young approved slightly compressed file instead. Better than MP3 is the thought.

It’s pretty cool, the process gives you a web address for your bites so you can link them. Direct Facebook link is also possible but I didn’t sign up for it. And BTW, you open the Cloud connection from your mixdown window. You register and setup a password.

i have the free account ,no big deal , if you want to replace a song just delete the tune you have up there already and that time will be made available again for a new upload ,or are you wanting to preserve all the stats aswell .i think the free account gives you 2 hours of free uploads.

wavs definitely work, I did just that just a few days ago. So far it’s worked fine with MP3, WAV and WMA uploaded straight from the export in Cubase.

Yeah I would like to save the stats, genre, info, etc…I dont think its possible.

Is the Neil Young thing .flac? I never heard NY’s name associated with it.

And yes, I think .wav works also, at least that’s what they used in the C6.5 video demo…it BETTER work lol.

Alright so I got 6.5 and started foolin around…

One thing already…so u have to export onto ur hard drive BEFORE u can upload to Soundcloud? I wasn’t quite expecting that…I thought u could just upload to Soundcloud. I know that maybe doesnt apply to everyone and I wouldnt JUST do that EVERY time. But it would be nice to JUST upload to Soundcloud with a click of a box or something. Sometimes I just wanna upload a version for someone else to hear for their input. If the version sounds good to them online…then I would export to my hard drive.

Is there anyone else that could see the value in this?

One cool thing…once it starts uploading to Soundcloud…you can jump right back into your track on Cubase…NICE!!

Can I ask, those that export to FLAC…which compression setting do u typically use? I just realized that ipods wont import FLACs either (without some 3rd part converter)…ugh…


It’ll have to create that file at least temporarily if you want it to upload to soundcloud, so I guess I wouldn’t mind having the actual file if it’s created anyway.

You need a paid account with Soundcloud to replace an existing file without losing all the associated stats. Thats the reason why I have a paid account with Soundcloud now. I upload the odd demo of a tune to get the opinion of friends scattered about the place on a piece I’m working on, and then will replace it with the finished work when I’m done with it.

I haven’t used the inbuilt soundcloud integration with 6.5 to upload directly to Soundcloud, but would assume that the same principle applies.

Lol I just realized that…it has to create the file, then it has to upload. DUH.

I have a paid account too, and was hoping to be able to replace a file straight from the Cubase export interface. I guess u’ve found a good enough work around, just keep uploading tracks until u get the good one and THEN replace.

You can directly replace audio files on the Soundcloud page but the real questions are …

  1. Is that function actually built into the Soundcloud API? I checked it out, and yes, it is possible via the API …

If you’d like to replace the audio for a track, you would need to delete and then re-create it. If you give the track the same title, it should get the same permalink if that’s what you’re after.

Deleting and recreating a track would involve sending a DELETE request to the /tracks/{track_id} endpoint followed by a POST request to the /me/tracks endpoint with the tracks[asset_data] and tracks[title] parameters at a minimum.

  1. Will / should developers take advantage of it?

Why not? Sounds like an FR. Seems possible to code that function in as an option when sending files, to replace one that’s already there using the methodology above.

That certainly isn’t working right now, yesterday I uploaded a new version of a song using the same title, and it changed the new URL to the old URL + “-1”. Using Cubase obviously, and without a paid soundcloud license.

I think you misunderstand. The quote I posted seems to be saying that if you delete a file and give the new file the same title as the deleted file, the old permalink will still be good …

If you’d like to replace the audio for a track, you would need to > delete > and then re-create it.

… and the old permalink will still be good… if you title it the same.

So a coded function for that would need to parse the server and if there is a file there with the same title as the proposed upload file, delete it first, then upload. Or actually, maybe not even parse, just send the delete command for that title I suppose. If it doesn’t exist I suppose the command would just be ignored.

Oh I see. The advantage of a replace function though, is that all comments, favourites and stats etc are preserved, which I doubt is the case in your method.

Hm, OK, I was wrong about the wave file, it took it fine. Which makes me think you can upload any type file you want maybe. And as to erasing a track, yeah, that is easy to do, as well. Sorry for the misinformation. And actually, revisiting the site, I see that it has a lot of safeguard options that I didn’t see before. I think this is a nice thing for now. They give you 2 hours of downloads for free, and it looks like that’s a max at any given point in time so as long as you erase the old you will always have 2 hours of music up there if you want. Very cool for free actually.

As to keeping the old stats to a previously downloaded song? Wow, how long does it take to rewrite a description? :laughing:

Its also about keeping comments on a track…thats probably the biggest reason for most people.

i prefer bandcamp you can replace your audio ok on there . soundcloud ends up looking a bit messy.

I found this in the Soundcloud info pages:

“Sometimes our transcoding system can create audio artifacts, as we transcode all tracks to 128 kbps mp3 for streaming playback. Uploading a lossless or high-quality lossy file will usually reduce these to a minimum, but unfortunately there’s not much we can do for the handful of individual tracks that are still affected.”

And actually I was under the impression that SoundCloud was using FLAC as a reduction medium but now see it is MP3. So, the long answer is that you can take many file types and send them to the SoundCloud - but they are all being heard as a 128kbps MP3.