C6.5 vs C7 Workflow *vid

Where to begin…

I’ve always been interested in cubase, just never really got into it. then when c6 came out i made my move. I went from logic to cubase, i was excited, much more open arrange so easy to work with and edit in both audio and midi, loved it. then came the news, c7 coming soon! wow!, I had become a fan already and the new mixer looks so sweet, i want it. I know i dont need it, but i want it!.
Ok now, ive had a “writers” blockage for weeks on. decided to install c6.5 again, and wam! so fast, so so stable!

About the new mix console, i would have been just as glad if they just added a key command to toggle between insert and sends view. just one button to switch, thats all!

They could even add “add selected tracks to group”, that would have been worth the money for me, that and even more work for the best stability!

Sorry for the rant or what-ever, but i really do understand why many keep complaining about stuff, and i was one of the guys that really tried to work with it and like it, but there is no issue about learning new features, its about deciding what to live with as a producer/engineer/sounddesigner/nameit. and thats the problem with this release.