C6.5 Win XP SP3: Cant see Retrologue / Padshop

Hi there.
Im on Win XP SP3, and i see that Retrologue and Padshop arnt shown on my VST Instr lists under “Synths”.
Anyone have the same issue?
Could be that they only run under W7?
Hope that someone can help me.


No it’s not that you’re running XP -

I am still running SP2 they are both 100% fine here.

Sorry I can’t help you further than that


Many thx m8, this can help me, i can exclude its by XP :slight_smile:
Ive tryed to reinstall my DAW, but this still remain a prob, and sincerely i dont know how to proceed.
Damn :stuck_out_tongue:
Steinberg say that XP is not supported, so they wouldnt help me LOL.
Like you, C6.5 build 102.


You’ve prompted me to update my signature. I am on latest version 6.5.1 Build 117 now.

I am STILL reluctant to abandon this trusty XP system. It is used only for music and some video editing and so is quite tidy.

My son has an almost identical hardware set up, but running W7. When we compare video editing software (he doesn’t use Cubase) my old system still outperforms his in render times and ability to run HD video content and transitions.

So, don’t be put off. Hopefully you’ll find the cause of the problem soon.


I dont know why, but copying the DVD on my desktop, make me able to dive in in depth: the browser on DVD cant.
After this, i can install manually ALL others packages (Retrologue, Padshop, Halion SE, Halion ONE and all the sample sets).
Mistery of Steinberg LOL

Good result!