C6-64- and mac pro experience

Hi, I am using C5 , upgraded to C6 , programs next to each other
what has happened until now?
Set up: Mac pro 4core 8 G, MOTU audio setup
Omnisphere/Trilian/Stylus work flawless in 64 bit mode
Toontrack with latest update works, midi access possible (dragging into cubase)
UAD2 works with the steinberg bridge, opens on clicking can be edited . Small windows graphics not very nice but take less space on the screen
Alphtrack does’nt work ( already mentioned on the frontier design forum)
cubase iC does not work ( already mentioned by steinberg )
Activity monitor shows around 30% cpu usage by cubase, around 4 G usage memory, 3% by VST bridge
with small project ( toontrack/trilian and 2 audio tracks ) in 64 bit mode.

The graphics are nice, the tweaking of the graphics of the audio tracks etc takes some time. A choice of templates would be easier. C5 looks nice too.
So i will keep C6 for recordings with a lot of audio for the time beeing until C6 has all its final tweaking finished
especially the iC on my Iphone is really easy to use in a solostudio set-up.

regards Peter

Aloha desert,
Please feel free to bi*ch-slap me back to earth.

Is this correct?

Drums, bass and two audio tracks and cpu usage is 30%? and at what buffer setting?

Seems high. I must have this wrong.

hi curteye,

you’re right, i was wrong
user % is around 7 % system around 2 90% idle

cubase uses 30-50% of that ofcourse

sorry for this wrong information :blush:

regards desert