C6 64bit, Drag&Drop MIDI files Randomly creates new tracks

This only happens in 64bit version of cubase 6.5.1. (and works fine in C6 32bit and C5)Whenever I drag and drop a midi file from plugins like Stylus RMX, Studio Drummer etc to a midi track. Cubase sometimes drops it properly to the midi track that I drag the midi file to, but most of the time it creates a new midi track.
I set preferences for midi import just like I have them in 32bit version and in cubase 5.

is this a known bug or am i missing something?

still keeps happening, randomly. sometimes it works properly sometimes cubase creates a new midi track. :imp: :frowning:

Does the same in C4 32 bit, no rhyme or reason. Could be some type of meta data or the like.

Here, it works fine in 32bit. but in 64bit it misbehaves

yep, same here, in 32bit perfect.