C6 64bit - Fixed? What's the Verdict

So, in C5, 64 bit was pretty much useless. I’m not talking about plug-in compatibility, but Cubase in general.
Pretty much any time there was a problem posted with the 64 bit version, the solution was to install the 32 bit version.

I myself had general ASIO problems. C5 64 bit and my Firestudio Project were unusable.

So, what’s the verdict on C6 64bit. Does it work any better than C5? Again, I don’t care about plug-in compatibility, the few I use are 64bit, so just the DAW itself.

For me, C6 is just like C5 for windows compat. C5 worked great. C6 works great.

It sucks your interface doesn’t work well in x64 Cubase. Not sure what to say about that. :frowning: If mine didn’t, I would sell it and get one of the many that does.



You saying the C6 is more important than the audio interface? Isn’t that some sort of audio blasphemy? :open_mouth:

People would rather stay on XP than get rid of their audio interface!

What appears somehow strange to me is that you say your FireStudio Project has issues with 64bit and at the same time blame Cubase for it. IF the issue is that your firestudio project is unusable under 64bit cubase, the driver for the device might be the culprit.

Cheers, Ernst

Same here. x64 for C5 worked perfectly. Same for C6.
To say x64 C5 was useless is a very wrong statement. Check your audio interface & computer configuration because problem is not from Cubase.

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Well, this is good. I’m glad to read that there are people that use the 64bit successfully :slight_smile:
When you do a search of the forums (C5) all you really find are posts about 64 bit problems, nothing of praise.
Figured since both of my interfaces had problems with C5, but work fine with other 64 bit software that Cubase was the culprit.

Didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, guess I’ll have to wait on moving to 64 until I can refresh some of my hardware.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Guy does have a point here. It’s easy to say “if it doesn’t work in Cubase 64 but it works fine in Cubase 32 then it must be a problem with your card”.

Then the card works absolutely fine in RivalDAWx 64bit it’s fair to say perhaps there is something wrong with Cubase.

Plenty of times I’ve seen things come up on this forum where someone has said “X doesn’t work in Cubase!” and hordes of people, including Steinberg staff have replied “then X is faulty!” and ignored the OP when they’ve replied “but X works fine in everything else!”

Having said that, it’s not really fair to say “Cubase 64bit is useless” just because YOU are having problems with it and everyone else is fine.

Well, it’s not just ME having problems. Like I said, do a search in the C5 forums and see how many others find it unusable. Granted, a lot of the problems stem from the bit bridge, which I really don’t blame Cubase for. Time and time again the solution was; install 32 bit and everything will be fine, and that’s where I was at.

Once again, I’m glad to hear it is perfectly usable. I want nothing more than to upgrade to C6 and use the 64 bit version.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yes ! Go go go !

As a note, I just… NEVER used the 32bit version ! :wink:
No dual installation. Full x64 since starting and I’m a happy user (except for all plugins not x64 yet but it’s another story and thanks to jbridge creator)

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Cubase 6, 64 bit is now working on my system without any issues. It is MUCH more stable feeling than Cubase 5. I am happy to report that as of last night I am 100% free from my (just in case) XP 32 bit Boot system where I had Cubase 5.5 and used 90% of the time.
I am still with j-Bridge but life is good now. Great new graphics as well.