C6 & Access Virus C

I uploaded a virus c XML map to my devices for my virus c, works great as far as switching presets within cubase but i cannot get cubase to read/write knob values. In previous versions of cubase i was able to see the midi values changing for different parameters when moving knobs etc. I can’t figure this out for the life of me and im pretty sure cubase used to have no problem with this. What am i missing?


or does nobody use this antique anymore?

Seriously, am i the only person on this board who uses a midi synthesizer?

Although i do love talking to myself, i would love for someone to at least take a stab at it. I have read through the cubase help docs as well as my virus manual with no resolution. I have a feeling that it is some sort of stupid setting. I have googled myself to death!

If it is specific to the virus then i guess i will have to research further but i would like to first rule out cubase as the problem.

Ok so i guess ill keep updating myself because the activity on this thread is astounding!

Switched out my midi cables and the in/out lights are active on my midi interface when im recording midi from virus but still not data in cubase.

I have gone through step by step in the virus manual and all settings should be correct. No midi filters are selected in cubase “midi filters” preferences either.

Any other suggestions?

nevermind, i got it

Hi njsmooth,

as life goes, 1,5 years after the last post in this thread I got me a used VIrus C and am now having the exact same scenario you were describing here. Funny as history repeats :wink:

So, would you mind telling me (and others who might be reading this now or in the future) how you solved this problem? Has the Virus to be set in a certain way?