C6 and Halion Sonic

I just ordered my Cubase 6 upgrade and see it comes with Halion Sonic SE.

I plan to clean up first and re-install everything but have a question, should I let C6 install Halion Sonic SE and then I install my full Halion Sonic, or should I not even bother to install the SE version? Does the SE version recognize I have the full license and “become” full halion sonic?
It appears Halion Sonic SE has “new” features integrated with C6 but Halion Sonic has more content - it doesn’t seem clear what the relationship is so some words of wisdom would be helpful :smiley:


All the SE content shows up in the full version and it’s fantastic.
In the full version there is a menu so you can select to show specific version presets or show all.
Install both for sure unless hard disk space is an issue. Select the fill version after install of both.
No probs here.