C6 and upcoming 10.7 (Lion) OS


Wondering if there are any plans for C6 to use some of the new ‘Back to the Mac’ features
(touch tech) which will be in the next, soon to be released Lion OS? (this summer)

I would love to be able to move around elements in C6 by touching my trackpad or
screen or even using an iPad/iPhone.

Or will Steiny stay away from this because these features may not be available in W7?
(cross compatibility probs)

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Just a warning to everyone who eventually switches over to 10.7: PPC code will no longer be supported. There will be no Rosetta bridge in Lion. This means that any PPC plug-ins you are using (and probably a whole bunch of other non-Cubase related stuff) will no longer function in the new OS.

I’d start looking for replacements/substitutions now. Hopefully, everyone will be reasonably covered by the time this release rolls around.

Something else. If you do have a ton of legacy plugs that are in use in older Projects, it’d be my advice to make sure you keep a bootable clone of 10.6 or 10.5 on an internal or external HD available before you migrate to 10.7. Otherwise attempting to recall old Projects that used PPC plugs (and this includes stuff going all the way back to SX-1) will become incredibly difficult to restore or analyze for substitutions.

Aloha W,

And tanx for the advice.

Thanks for the advice Weasel - I think I’ll be staying with Snow Leopard for a while as I do have a critical app that needs the Rosetta bridge.

Im quite happy about it since steinberg need to get rid of the PPC stuff in cubase. I refuse to install rosetta and have no need for it. But cubase 6 wants to install it now and then, but I say no. And cubase hangs. Bad programming, now they MUST fix it.

I’m afraid that a (multi) touch interface is not part of the “back to the mac” features of lion. The innovations carried over from iOS are of different kind.



But cubase 6 wants to install it now and then, but I say no. And cubase hangs. Bad programming

Rosetta may be called when it encounters PPC code, In the case of Cubase, that would be due to plug-ins containing PPC code seen during launch. If you ignore loading Rosetta and the program crashes, the onus is on you, not Steinberg. As a matter of fact, there are probably more things (apps other than Steinberg’s) on your machine that require Rosetta than you may be aware of. Open Apple’s System Profiler, sort Applications by Kind and see what you come up with. These are all things that will have to be dealt with before migrating to 10.7.

Stating that it’s “bad programming” because Steinberg continues to provide ancient legacy plug-ins as a convenience is laughable; there isn’t anything for them to fix. Why should they when there are now so many (often) better substitutions available? Sure, it would be nice….but do they really have to at this point in time?

Steinberg’s legacy plug-ins have been available in a folder kept outside of the Installer and have to be loaded by choice. It’s been this way for at least 3 years or more. What about older 3rd party PPC plug-ins? Seriously, is supposed to be responsible for that as well?

If they haven’t modernized these plugs by now, you can reasonably assume that they never will be. How well your system is going to function under 10.7 is up to you. Planning for it now is your best defense.

Steinberg gives me an option to hang cubase or install rosetta. A proper handling is to give me the option to reject the plugin. And it should be a preferences option to always ignore ppc.

I don’t want to be rude but are you dumb or something? I don’t have rosetta installed. There is nothing on my mac that needs it.

There is a lot to fix. First they need to handle PPC plugins in the right way, second they need to port their PPC plugins to intel architecture. Should have been done long time ago. Or they wont be able to move to newer OSX.

I don’t want to be rude but are you dumb or something?

Actually, the fact that you voiced this opinion makes you rude by the very nature of stating it in the first place. Saying that would be like me calling you a moron. But that would be rude…and wrong. So I won’t call you a moron. See how that works?

I don’t have rosetta installed. There is nothing on my mac that needs it.

Apparently there is, otherwise you wouldn’t be here spouting nonsense.

How nice to see the return of Darwin’s Waiting Room poster-boy.

LOL big time

I wish I’d thought of that before installing 10.7… So far so good though - everything I’ve touched seems to work.

I wish I’d thought of that before installing 10.7…

Are you running an early developer’s release? Hope it aint one of those torrented developers copies. Phones home, I hear.
Personally, I’d wait til the release version hits in the summer. They don’t call 'em betas for nothing.

Aloha Dave,
Any useful ‘back-to-the-mac’ features when using C6 with 10.7?

Hola Curt!

I hate to be a tease, but it would be a violation of the NDA to say anything about 10.7 features, I think. Plus I haven’t really tried a lot of them. I’d add that I haven’t seen any features that weren’t listed earlier at the “reveal”, and that none of those would really benefit Cubase in anyway I can think of. Oh, and that the old school Cubase scroll bars work just fine! :wink:

Oh, and it feels snappier. Seriously, it does!


Tanx D,