C6 - Anyone Try 32 bit Version on Vista 64 yet?

I’m just wondering if any of the few people that have already received C6 have tried the 32 bit version on Vista 64 bit, and if so, did it work?

I’m ready to buy but I want to be sure it works first.

just out of curiosity, why would someone want to be so quick to update to the latest music software but so late to update their OS that stopped being supported on the previous version of that music software?

Because it’s 1,000 times more effort to upgrade to Win 7 than it is to upgrade to C6. Plus, my Vista system is completely stable and running smoothly. I’ll eventually switch to Win 7, but I won’t have that block of time to devote for a bit yet.

Still wanna know, but I just ordered the upgrade anyway. We’ll see what happens. :slight_smile:

I’m running cubase 5.5.2 on Win7 64 bit (yea, I know, but the core API and drivers are generally the same), and it works better than 64 bit cubase on Win7 on my machine. But, there are a few quirks, which I’m waiting to see if they got fixed (or most likely moved) in C6. I’ve just ordered the upgrade, so I’ll let you know who it goes when I get it…

I see the 64 C6 (on OSX anyway - which I’m considering moving to) doesn’t have certain features enabled, so it seems like having both 32 and 64 bits installed may still be the way to go…

I’ve installed C6 32 bit onto a Vista 64 bit partition and I’ve been playing with it for a day - loading all my C5 projects has been painless, everything seems to be working very well. Early days, but definitely big thumbs up.


Cool! :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot - now I wish I receive it. :slight_smile:

Excellent - that does sound encouraging… I’ve got C6, but going to install on my Vista32 machine hopefully at the weekend… :wink:

its running smooth as a babies arse on xp so vista shouldn’t be an issue !


:laughing: cheers freq… :sunglasses: