C6 Clean Install

My C5 has never worked 100% correctly because of the way the new install appears to import settings from previous versions. Before I install C6 can someone please provide guidance how to prevent this happening without uninstalling previous versions?


Aloha Sam,

Not sure what 'puter you are using but on my mac there is a C4/C5 etc ‘Preference Folder’.
(I’m sure there is something similar on a PC or Lin box).

Moving or renaming that folder forces Cubase to build its own new Preference folder.

That way C6 will not be able to get (steal) any info from older versions and
it will build a fresh C6 preference folder.

That being said,
sometimes a user might want older preference files to be ‘read’ by a new programme.

Example: things like ‘Key Commands’ etc don’t have to be written (by the user) again.


I think there is defaults.xml and a key commands file that are the major sources, back them up and recopy only those files into the new install.


that might be of some assistance…

el profe, LG


see if there’s any additional useful info here

el profe, LG