C6 crashes Win 7 64 bit !!?

Windows x64 is much more sensitive to RAM errors than 32-bit versions. A blue screen almost invariably means a hardware issue, so if it’s not a driver, then it makes sense to check things like RAM, which is easily done by downloading the free Memtest86+ – burn the ISO to a CD and boot from it. If that test fails, then there’s no point going any further.

I use the window to close Cubase exclusively, zero crashes.

Very good for you, and I’m happy for you, but without any surrounding info (system, OS, 32/64bit etc.) useless info for the rest of us…

Luck, Arjan

Cubase 6 (x64), Windows 7 (x64), CC121/MR816CSX, i7-950/DX58SO/6GB

Additional plug-ins:
FabFilter.com: Twin2 (x64/VST3)
Steinberg: HALion 3 (x64), HALion Sonic (x64)
(I also got the HSO for SE)
u-he.com: Zebra2 (x64 beta)
VirSyn.com: Cantor (x32), Klon (x32/VST3), Matrix (x64/VST3), Poseidon (x32), Prism (x32/VST3)
(FYI, VirSyn is in the process of converting all their plug-ins to x64/VST3)