C6 Does'nt export all tracks, if the export is non realtime

…what can I do?..In this case, I have to export only reatime, but not everytime it’s possible…

Make sure you´re not using a setting that enables the input monitor on selected tracks.

There’s not enough information to really diagnose the problem, but you could trying raising your buffer before exporting.

I simply don`t understand what your problem is. Could you please be more specific?
What do you mean with “C6 Does’nt export all tracks”?
Can someone explain to me what “export in realtime” means? Recording directly onto another medium?

As the name implies, it´s an option to export your mix in realtime as opposed to offline. If you take a closer look at the export dialog, you may find the checkbox. It´s not available in all versions though since you´re not specific enough concerning your used version, you may want to check your manual…

I use C6 but couldn`t find it in the menu reference.

Probably because its not a menu, but the export audiomixdown popupdialog. I don´t use C6 but i could have found it in the C6 manual.

For non-realtime exporting, Cubase 6 will not include any audio tracks that are record-enabled.

Really, even if you´re on manual input monitoring and have it disabled on the record enabled track…?

My bad :blush: … I meant monitor-enabled.