C6 - Don't "Update" After Adding VST Folders

This was the mistake I was making before mashedmitten, (thanks very much,) helped me resolve the hang when adding my vst or jbridged folder to the VST 2.x Plugin Path.
Adding then restarting was the ticket - bypassing Update altogether.
I’m editing this post “Little Help - Hang/Adding VST Folder” with the hope of saving others some frustration.

This is what was happening:

In C6 > Devices > Plug-in Info > VST 2.x Plugin Path >
I add my vst folder (location C:/Programs Files (86x) Steinberg /Vstplugins) /Click Update.
C6 hangs. Must force quit.
This behavior also is the same when selecting My Jbridged vst folder - same location.

You don’t need to update, just re-start Cubase.

Afraid that’s not the case, here.
Upon installation, C6 doesn’t see anything except the Steinberg installed plugs. I have to somehow add my 3rd party plugs via the VST 2.x Plugin Path convention. But as I explained, selecting the entire vstplugins folder hangs C6.
Again, any insight would be most appreciated.

Once you point to the 3rd party plugin folder via VST2.x Paths don’t click Update, just re-start Cubase. The new location will be scanned on startup.

Thank you, mashedmitten. That did it, as least most of it. A few plugs don’t like the new environment.
Again, much thanks for your help.

You can try deleting the Blacklist XML file from the App Data/ Roaming folder and re-starting Cubase to see if some of the problem plugs work the second time around. This is sometimes the case.

All sorted out. Thanks again.