Just wanted some feedback on Cubase 6, specifically, the drum editing features. I am currently using Cubase 4 (PC, Presonus FP10) and want to upgrade. I use cubase for tracking, and ALOT of audio editing, mixing.

Any thoughts on the improved Transient Detection, and Multitrack Audio quantizing?!?! I have been quantizing multitrack drums by way of strip silencing my main pieces (kick, snare) and cutting the audio based on that. This would be my MAIN reason to upgrade to Cubase 6, if, infact, these new drum editing features work as well as they say they are. Also curious if any one has had any luck with the Hitpoint-to-Midi function. I have been using various plugins to acheive this so far, none of them without their problems.

Also, wondering if Cubase 6 has anything similar to the Playlist function in Pro Tools?? This is something Steinberg definetely needs to incoperate into their DAW’s. Is this Cubase 6 Lane Track concept similar? Would it work for Multitrack recording?

Any feedback would be great! Love to know what other users think of these specific applications!!


I’m finding the multi track drum editing in C6 rather good, hit point detection is vastly better that C4
I have no hesitation in recommending you upgrade immediately, you could always try the 30day demo :wink:

I had a go at multitrack comping at the product demo I went to. Seems to work pretty well actually. Now I just have to wait until N6 to get this new reason not to need PT anymore…the reasons are becoming less, slowly, but a few still remain. I am just glad that something that was missing for so long has been started to get fixed. Now we just need mix proper mix groups! And a way to enable/disable groups from some panel - like PT grouping really…

Thanks for all the great feedback! I think I will download the 30 day trial to giver a go!
Im mostly curios to see the new drm editing features, and the hitpoint to midi option.
I understand C6 come with tutorial vids for the new features, are any of them online yet to check out?

Thanks again!

Been a hardcore KTDrumTrigger user before and when I realised that it doesn’t send any midi in C6 x64 the new hitpoint to MIDI was a real rescue, I really like the fact that it’s static rather than a plug-in, and no more working with track delay to get everything aligned.