C6 Error - Dual Panner ( 2 issues )

Time again for some Cubase improvement and error correction.

Let’s start with the Dual Panner.
Currently it causes two different errors :

  1. Send Panning
    When switching a track to Dual Panning mode,
    the Send Panners stay in standard Stereo Balance Pan mode.
    This leads to wrong panning on stereo sends.
    Not good, when using certain Delays and True Stereo Reverbs.

  2. Control Room
    Same with Control Room,
    when copying mix pannings to phones mixes, tracks with Dual Panner cause
    wrong panning in the phones mix, as there’s no Dual Panner mode for Control Room.

In both scenarios, the standard panner moves out of center, to the position of
one of the dual panners.
Best solution would be to have Dual Panning everywhere and linked to the track setting ( and mode switching ).
2nd best would be an estimated middle position between the two dual panners.

At least a warning message would be great, telling the user, that the panning can not be transfered.

bye, Jan

bye, Jan

Good point


Steinberg ?

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I’m very disappointed to find that this still has not been fixed in 6.06 after more than 8 months… :angry: