C6 Errors - Click ( 3 issues )

Recently the click gave me quite some headaches :
Routing the (midi) click to an VSTi like Battery, is not stored !
After storing and reloading, the midi click does not work, as the assignment has been reset to ‘no output’.
Audio click with self made samples does not work reliable, when using 4 headphone mixes ( Control Room ).
After some time, the click starts to drop out randomly.
The click ( midi routed to Battery ) is not recorded in an non realtime export,
even though it’s set to to sound in rec and play ( and thus can be heard during playback ).
This is probably related to 1)

bye, Jan

1&2 have been around since C4. 3 could just be due to the fact some VSTi’s just don’t like non-realtime export.

Setting up a MIDI track for the click is the way to go, never an issue.

Sure … we can an will find workarounds, always … :wink:

… can not ‘sign’ the “never an issue”, though:

  • I do not know in advance, how many takes I’ll record ( seriell ).
  • Many of my clients use changing time signatures …
  • clients often want to change the basic click : 1/8, 1/4, with accented one, without accented one, etc.

So … it’s about time for a fix.






regarding issue 1: this one we will currently not fix, because of several technical reasons. The sync settings are global, and the loaded VST instruments are project based. So that is where the problem is, and from the technical side not an easy one to solve.



OK, thanks Chris.

So it’s back to MIDI click tracks, then.