C6 Feature Request: Finer vertical zoom adjust.

On the project window.

I’m a one (video) monitor user. When clicking once on the vertical zoom control in the lower right of the project window, it moves too far one way or the other. It would be nice if there were finer adjustment possible to aid in fitting all the tracks in the visible part of the project window.

What about holding Ctrl + mousewheel?

Yes, it is true the vertical zoom could be finer when using the keyboard.

It would be nice if each step could be half of what it now is. I try to stay on the keyboard as much as possible.

There is a similar issue with horizontal zoom for the MIDI editors as well when you zoom past a certain point it maxes out.

I’m still waiting for my Cubase 6 copy to be brought to me (should have it on the 18th), but I also feel the same way about Cubase 5’s zooming. I wouldn’t mind having the zoom slider be twice as long and having it zoom in a more refined manner. It does jump too much as it is.