C6 has Tascam US 428 map, so will work with cubase 6 x64.

hi i have the Tascam us 428 with half baked win 7 drivers , but in cubase 6 device set up , it is clearly listed there , will it work as a surface control , in win 7 x 64 Bit ??? for cubase 6 with no blue screens , i t works in Vista compatible drivers , but with issues , Tascams refuses to upgrade a driver 4 it… 4 win 7 x 64. … was my favorite surface controller… i dont need to use the audio part , since cubase has a map 4 it will it work ???
i see many control surface usb have generic windows based auto drivers , how difficult is it to make this for the US 428 ???
any suggestions appreciated…
thanks sam