C6 - how do I - change Studio Send level via Generic Remote

As it seems, there’s no way to change the Studio send level of a selected track,
using Generic Remote and a hardware controller.
On the other hand it’s obviously possible with HUI and other tailor made controller drivers …

Is there some kind of workaround for GR ?




I would like to do that too, as I would like to use TouchDAW’s mixer on a spare Samsung Tab to control a mix for foldback.

If that is not possible, then I will try:

  1. Creating a group for each submix that is wanted in the foldback mix.

  2. On the foldback mix group, sending post-fader at 0dB to the Studio channel, but no output selection.

  3. On each required source group, send at 0dB to the corresponding foldback mix group.
    ___If more than one source group feeds a foldback group, then make a submix from the send levels of the source groups.

  4. In Generic Remote, assign each foldback group’s level fader to one of the remote’s mixer faders.

If this works, the set of foldback groups can be included in a template, with the source groups sends customised for each project (if required).

Hi Patanjali,
not understanding every aspect, of what You’re trying to do …
If You want to control the main level of the headphone busses,
that can already be done with Control Room, Generic Remote and any kind of controller.

I need to control phone send levels for individual selected channels, though.
I think this is a very common request and can already be done with certain hardware controllers.
BUT obviously not with Generic Remote … or am I missing something ?

… and using normal sends and groups, won’t work, as I need certain Control Room features.


Hmmm … everyone on holiday, again ??

if it isn’t in the GR (and it isn’t), than it’s not possible.

haven’t tried, but one workaround might be using NOT studio sends 1-4, but normal sends (x - x+4) to busses named “studio 1 - 4” (sends remote controllable via GR) and route “studio 1 - 4” to nowhere but use their studio sends 1 - 4…

the GR is lacking some things obviously…


I am trying to create a remote mixer so the musician can create their own foldback mix.

Therefore, I need multiple groups (whose levels will be remotely controlled) feeding the one Studio output. Each group’s output goes nowhere, but the Studio feed is post-fader at 0dB.

Each group can be fed by normal sends from submix groups. If only one submix group sends to the remotely controlled group, the send level can be 0dB, otherwise use the send levels to create a submix for the remote group.

This is similar to TabSel’s suggestion, but all the groups feed the one Studio output.

Thanks, guys.

As I said, I don’t want to use normal sends, as they do not have certain Control Room features,
like ‘copy levels/pan to sends’.
Looks like, one has to decide which features are more important
( the copy functions or remote controlling ) …

are there any plans to add the Studio Sends to Generic Remote ??