C6 - In case you haven´t noticed... Groove Agent 1.2

anyone from steinberg care to comment ?

why dont steinberg implement proper drag and drop in the “new” GA One 1.2, to give us a faster workflow ?

Lack of copy and paste is the reason I never even started using GA1. I was hoping it would get added in Cubase 5.5 but no such luck. Since it’s gotta be a simple operation to add, I have to think maybe they made a conscious decision to leave it out.

“But the suggested workflow is really to use Mediabay”


On a multi-monitor setup the media bay is useless as it can’t be parked / moved / docked outside the main window.
It’s not exactly intuitive having your project minimized or covered every time F5 is pressed or?

It’ up to the user to decide how to audition and import sounds or video into the project.
For example, Total Commander is a terrific file manager. Use it all the time.
In its current incarnation (ahum… for the last many years), the mediabay is still a nightmare to use IMO.

Bottom line: Steinberg should really fix mediabay handling and allow seamless drag and drop towards GA.

I really don’t see how it would be so hard either. Highlight desired pad, press CTRL/CMD + C, select empty pad, press CTRL/CMD + V. Basic copy and paste function since Windows 3.1. You don’t need to any context menu entries etc, just allow the above or something similar to happen and we are golden.

bump for a reply…

why didnt steinberg implement proper drag and drop in the “new” GA One 1.2, to give us a faster workflow ?

apparently michael this is one of the “flagged” threads where $teinberg programmers are not allowed to reply. They seem to be generously active in other threads on this forum and then when we try and pin them down for a reasonable response to a reasonable question like this, theres silence. Why do some threads get almost instant responses and some seem like they have fallen through a crack in the floor into a black hole i dont understand. I tried asking this question in another thread where there were actual $teinberg programmers posting, and was told i was OT and to go back to my valid thread. And then we post here until we are blue in the face and get zero response.

Maybe $teinberg have a policy of ignoring the apparently petty users with petty little problems like workflow…

Is that the question about drag & drop from mediabay to 3rd party VST?

If so it was answered in the old forum.

as I cant recall their answer in the old forums to this question, please enlighten me :slight_smile:

or better yet, since its now “a new version” the question still remains valid, I would like an answer from steinberg:
why didnt steinberg implement proper drag and drop in the “new” GA One 1.2, to give us a faster workflow ?

Hello all,

Thanks for the feedback. I have collected interesting items yet missing in Grooove Agent One based on your posts.

Best regards,

Im not sure what to make of this post, as I was actually asking a question and this is not an answer…
please explain more what you mean with this post, and also please answer the question:
why didnt steinberg implement proper drag and drop in the “new” GA One 1.2, to give us a faster workflow ?

I get this feeling also after seeing the response from Chris…
and its not only this thread, check here for another one:


If by “proper” you mean drag & drop from Windows to GA, then the answer is no because it’s not a VST3 supported method.

3rd party plugins may do it but that would most likely be due to older VST2 methods being supported in the plugin rather than in the host.

VST3 uses the mediabay.

Im sorry, are you speaking on behalf of steinberg ?
if that is the case, please state so.

I don’t work for Steinberg but it’s obviously not so much a commercial decision as a technical one.

Maybe VST 3.5 (implemented in C6) will support it again.

ok, I had to ask, as it sounded as you were talking for steinberg there… :wink:
and btw, Im using cubase 6 and the all oooh so new GA One…

nevertheless, its still really odd, why dont GA One get drag and drop from windows, when Loopmash does ?
as far as I know, Loopmash is VST3 also.
so there is a consistency here, which is not followed. some plugins get the drag and drop, some dont…
and as there was a “new” version of the GA One, I would like to know why there is no proper support for drag and drop ?
please Chris, you can do so much more that just say “thanks for the feedback etc…”
I somehow thought that steinberg wanted to have a better discussion with their users in this new forum…

Thank you Christian. For many of us this is all we desire, a response that someone at SB has read our requests. Even if you dont have a definitive answer at this point.

Your response was much appreciated. And i would like to promote your comment on other important threads too.

Thanks again,
Blackout :slight_smile:

Sorry, but what do you expect? An explanation or justification for every feature we haven’t included in our products so far?
The feature set is as it is and Groove Agent One has been improved compared to the last version. Also, it does not mean that additional features will never come. So to answer your question: we haven’t implemented it so far because we have done other things in that time.

I think that Christian’s post doesn’t leave much room for interpretation, does it?

you are correct, Chris post doesnt leave much room for interpretation, in fact it doesnt leave any at all. hence why I asked for a further explanation, and now that you have given me a “fu” answer, I guess that is the end of that question :wink:

furthermore, no need to be so feckin cranky about it, dude… I was asking a legit question, and all I got was a “thanks for the feedback etc etc…”. come on, what do you think that kind of answer was going to generate ? really…

well, atleast we got a better answer to why there is no drag and drop from windows… :wink: