C6 Install and old UAD-1 Plug-Ins

[EDIT: You guys can skip this post. The problem magically got better with a few random reboots. I’m leaving it up just for my reference, but you don’t have to waste your time on it. Thanks!]

First boot up of C6 (Trial Version) - my UAD-1 plug-ins don’t appear in the VST instrument drop down menu. It’s puzzling, because C6 clearly sees the UAD-1 plugins, as they appear in the plug-in information window of the Devices menu.

Also I got these unhappy messages on 1st boot up only (not on subsequent boot ups of C6):

“Please make sure UAD-1 programs are correctly installed and copied into the correct folders…”

Also: “Software mismatch: UAD-1 XXX can’t find its .dll”

Does anyone know which folders the UAD-1 plugins folder is supposed to go in to?

I’ve got them (from SX3) in a folder called Steinberg>>vstplugins>>Powered Plugins which has the .dll files in it. The vstplugins is at the same level as the “Cubase 6” and Cubase SX3" folders, and the “Powered Plugins” folder is at the same level as “Jamstix 2”, which IS recognized by C6.

Are the UAD-1 plug-ins too old for C6 to recognize? Or do I need to do some folder management? (Puzzling to me …)

Thanks -