C6 Install Options?

I currently use C4.5 but I’m considering an upgrade to C6. For anyone that has gone through the installation process, can you tell me if there are options for deciding what is installed? I do “minimalist” audiophile engineering in the classical and jazz genres and I don’t use most of the extras that come with Cubase. For example, I won’t use any of the virtual instruments and very few of the effects. I plan to install C6 on a 60GB solid state drive - so I’d like to eliminate the wasted disk space of the unused features. Do we have the option to not install these? If not, are they installed separately and can they be uninstalled (safely!) afterward?

If I remember correctly, C4 didn’t give you a choice about Halion - you got it whether it was wanted or not. But I was able to uninstall it later.

Does anyone have approximate figures for the real install size of C6 (32-bit)? If instruments are separate, how much space can be saved by not installing (or deleting these)?


Bump/update: Maybe my questions were lost with TMI above.

:question: Can C6 be installed without HALion and other virtual instruments?

:question: What is the full install size of C6-32?

Thanks for your help!

hi william

yes you can install without loading halion but not :
loop mash : 612 mb
reverence : 169mb
groove agent one :142mb
( there maybe an option to remove these after installation )

cubase its self contains in total : 276 mb

i installed c6 on its own with just these components as i don’t use any vsti’s either and it runs very smooth


I’m not sure about C6 specifically but when i was having problems with the HO set when the 5.5 update came out there were definitely options to un-install those items independently… i don’t imagine they would have changed that… easy way to try is just to go to your control panel in windows, assuming you’re on windows… and have a look at the ‘add or remove programs’ option… you won’t break anything by just looking :wink:

John, Mat,

Thanks for your replies - I really appreciate this. It seems that the install size of C6 is small and I can uninstall the vsti’s from within Windows. My plan to use the relatively small solid state drive should work okay. There is so much to investigate and think about when upgrading a lot of things simultaneously! Your answers helped with this effort. Again, thanks!