C6 Installation without Steinberg VSTi? SOLVED

Hi All.

I am making my first tests installing C6.
My DVD has Ver 6.0.2.

Is there an option to install Cubase without HalionOne, Grove Agent One, Sonic, Amp Rack, Looping Stuff, and all their huge libraries, ect.?

If I just click “abort” all the time when Cubase finished installing, and all the others start, do I compromise stability of Cubase?

I use Cubase as a multitrack audio/midi recorder, and I don’t need all those programs and libraries.



you can remove them after they install.

There’s no such option when installing Cubase. (From the top of my head the only plugin that is somewhat separated when installing Cubase is Halion Sonic SE, so you might be able to duck that installation.)

I would think the best approach might be to do a regular install and afterwards disable the plugins you don’t want to use (with the “Plug-in information” window found under the “Devices” menu) and then delete the large resource data files used by (some of) these plugins.

I don’t think this approach will compromise stability when using Cubase but the question is what happens when the next update is released? (Probably not all that much but you might run into some issues depeding on what the update contains, e.g if there’s loopmash content updates and you deleted the intire sample folder.)


My firewall software disables most stuff, then I go and delete what I don’t want to run in the DAW and run the firewall clean over.


Thanks to both. The “remove after install” is far better than my procedure. Thanks for that hint.
The point about future updates is a good point…

Thank you.



In the first installation screen there is a button with options in the lower left corner. There you can de-select what components you want to install. Excellent!


Ops… Sorry for missleading you, I had no idea there’s an option button in the installer. :blush: