C6 keeps freezing after 6.03 update

Hey guys / devs.

I was (and still Im) happy Cubase user, but after last update my Cubase keeps freezing. Without any plugins, just after few seconds on empty project.

I never had any issue like that in previous version and I did NOT change anything in my system.

Also it looks like this issue is in 32 bit version only.

So… any ideas? And in meantime, is there any easy way to go back to 6.02 version?

Thanx in advance.

After an update, some of the preferences are changed. Also, I have had my ASIO driver and setting changed after an update before. Check all these things to see if any were changed, especially the ASIO driver. Also try moving your preferences folder to the desktop and see if that helps.
EDIT: Also, I think the only way to go back to 6.0.2 is to download the update file from the downloads site and reinstall Cubase then update to 6.0.2. There may be an easier way but I don’t know.

thanx Jaslan, I´ll give it a try…

Yes my C6 went not responding after opening the first project. I assumed it was some incompatibility with XP, but maybe not, after all 6.0.2 has been working fine.
I did notice there were three video tasks active that I’ve never seen before in task manager.

But anyway, I didn’t want to mess around. I just did an image restore and I’m back on 6.0.2.

join the club! this update is a nightmare! Seriously thinking of going back to 6.0.2!

well, I dont think that whole update is nightmare, but this freezing bug or whatever is really BIG problem.
It just randomly freeze, U can still hear the audio playing, but cant do nothing but CTRL+ALT+DEL. Yeah, old “good times” are back haha :unamused: :slight_smile:

Again- no plugins, just one long audio track and I did not any change on my system or hardware.

guys, try updating the video drivers…

I had also freezes until I opened a project with video and discovered that the video drivers are not working and there was a message “Update a video drivers…” or something.
After updating the video drivers of my video card everything is back to normal.

hope it helps :slight_smile:

Same problem here. Win7 x64, cubase 6.03 x86

Cubase freezes. Mouse freezes. Apparently completely at random. It looks like the whole PC froze, but project keeps playing and is responsive to midi input (play/stop). task manager won’t show up, but ctrl+alt+del works. Have to log off to get it working again.
This is not a small bug, and if no workaround or exact cause can be found, is a prime candidate for an urgent fix! :angry:

EDIT: My video drivers are up to date :confused:

Have you tried to run the Cubase exe with compatibility mode for “VISTA”?
Check if that works.

yep, same problem. Cubase freezes and keeps playing. No way to stop it except Task manager.

Happens a lot if I switch to another application while song is playing. When coming back to Cubase it’s froozen/non repsonsive. The meters still show audio though. Never had this with 6.0.2.