C6 keeps losing the connection to audio interface

I’ve been using C6 for a few days now and it has mostly been stable, except that it is intermittently losing the output connection in the Studio Bus to my Apogee Duet audio interface. The input connection is unaffected. I’ve not spotted a pattern to this, so has anybody else had a problem?

Bump - nobody else having this problem?

Same(?)/similar problem here with Cubase 6 (but happened also with version 5).
On my system (see signature below) only the sound of my audio tracks disappears (the sound of my MIDI tracks stays alive). If I press the CTRL-S (File->Save) key in this situation all sounds return.

sorry, can’t help you, cause I never got a feasible solution for this problem,

Thanks - I never hit this problem in C5 but I might have been lucky. I’ll try CMD-S next time it happens to see if that fixes it.

So far, the One (USB) has not been problematic. The Ensemble (FW) is hooked up to a desktop Mac Pro and hasn’t been used much with C6 as I’m mostly using a MBP at the moment.

Is there a pattern to the output cut outs? Same vs different projects? Duration of time (immediately? after a few minutes? after hours of use? …) before the issue rears its ugly head?

Is the FW bus shared with another FW device like a hard drive?

Or are you suspecting a VST Connections issue?

I am also having this problem. I am wondering if I am accidently hitting a key command that disables track playback.
While I am editing a vo take, after some time, the playback from any track that has audio on it, will not play. The meters on the track do not move and no audio goes to the stero out bus.
The input channels are still active and work and metering is there and you can here it fine.
I am having a difficult time with this.
If I close Cubase and re open the project, the audio returns.
I have the latest RME drivers.

I’m having the exact same problems…but I assumed it was because of my MR816. I thought that was cleared up because of the 1.7.1 drivers, but now after about 30 minutes of use, the sound will just disappear. Sometimes it happens on all tracks and others it will just not play one or two tracks…The faders won’t show that anything is playing…Very frustrating.

ive had the same when ive tried opening c6 without the soundcard on then closing ,turning the motu on and open a project .Its fine if i remember to turn the motu on before hand .


Sound to me like a driver issue.
Are the Apogee drivers compatible with C6?
What do the Apogee folks have to say about this prob?


I have this somewhat figured out.
I think it is related to jog and shuttle. I am using an MC Transport for editing, and the tracks will stop playing back if I use a combination of jog/jog shuttle mode. I have not figured out the exact combination, but it will only happen when I am using the jog/shuttle on the transport.
Anyway when the tracks “go away” you can:
1- hit play on the spacebar, there is no sound from the audio tracks or meters moving
2- you can hit play on the MC Transport - same thing no audio no meters

The audio returns to the tracks if you use jog/shuttle on the MC transport (the rubber shuttle ring) the jog wheel will not make it return.
So I am wondering if cubase mutes audio tracks when your are in shuttle mode, ans somehow it gets “stuck” until you shuttle again.

I don’t have an MC Transport and it’s still happening to me…Sometimes changing the buffers to a lower setting will bring the audio back…

Hi All:

I don’t know if this is related - I can’t find any other threads related to this.

I initially updated v6 o from v5 on XP box. I was having serious issues, and as I wasn’t working on anything in particular I decided it was time to upgrade Windows to v7 - done. Reinstalled Cubase (and everything else) and was ecstatic. Now I keep loosing the connection to my RME Multiface Inputs. Can’t figure it out. If I shut down the machine and restart, everthing is fine, only to happen again at some point that I am unable to determine. Can’t find anything on the RME site, any ideas?


Same thing happens to me as well with a different interface (zedr16), i think i just got used to it happening in C5. Would love to find out why it does this, glad to see that im not the only one to have this problem and that its not necessarily my interface.

Sorry not to respond to the earlier replies, I somehow missed them when looking at the forum.

Since switching to using C6 in 64-bit mode I’ve not had the problem - I’ve been able to use it for several hours without losing the connections - so I’m happier but not necessarily any wiser. Since moving to 64-bit though, I’ve not been able to use the Apple Remote, so I don’t know if that could be related.

Curteye - I’d not thought of contacting Apogee, so will do so to see if they have anything to say.

Actually, I have this problem with a duet too. I thought it something to do with the firewire but maybe not. Cubase 6 32bit on os 10.6.6.

I fixed this for me by removing my external hard drives from firewire and making them eSata leaving only the Duet using firewire…