C6, Mac and WORK

Anyone actually making a LIVING from using c6/C5 and a mac?

lease don’t post unless you say what your system is…

Thousands are, on Macs and PCs. I have a friend who’s made a living with Steinberg products since Pro24 and the Atari 1024 (ask your dad!).

BTW - I hope you get your upgrade from XP to W7 sorted out, you’ll be glad you did. Eventually. :sunglasses:


perhaps you have a look at this link from our website. It is a small collection of our artists




Not exactly answering your question, but still interesting story about the recording of Phil Collins’ latest album “Going back”: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jan11/articles/it-0111.htm (you have to pay for the full story but it’s worth it).

Phil Collins created all the demos all by himself using Cubase. When the producer took over to make the actual record he switched to ProTools (doesn’t explain why though), using all Cubase files as audio file exports as a starting point. Eventually all the lead vocals recorded by Phil in his demo studio ended up on the final record, plus some of the keyboard parts, horn samples, strings, pads.

No idea what his system specs are, not even if it was PC or Mac, but one thing is clear (the record being his first nr 1 in 17 years): yes he’s made a living from using Cubase :slight_smile:


i make my living as a musician.
A big part of my income is done with C6 on a Mac.
C6 works very well here for me, as did C5 and C4.
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I do livin’ C6 plus macbook pro. All those charted tracks I did with Cubase since version 4. All producing,sound design, mixing and mastering by cubase only…

Phil and the other guys from Genesis are all on Mac. And yes, a lot of his recordings made at home, ended up in the final mix.

I make a living as a musician, songwriter and producer. At the moment i make sound design and compose music for some small instructional movies. Cubase 6 is fantastic so far. I love the new features and I have made the program look so great with a little color adjustment. It runs and looks great on my MacPro.

I still use Logic on my MBP because of the dongle…

Same here.

I don’t know if many people make their whole living from just ONE piece of software (the preferred platform isn’t particularly relevent). But plenty use Cubase as one of their professional tools.