C6 Mac - first experiences

Don’t know if this has been mentioned or talked about in other posts.

Couldn’t you in theory run the plugins that are 32-bit in VSL Ensemble Pro? That way you can run C6 64-bit on the mac and not worry about using the “Hookay” GUI’s mentioned.

I don’t have C6 yet, nor do I know if Powercore works in VSL Ensemble Pro, but I feel like it would be a more solid solution than running the 32-bit plugins bridged in C6 64-bit.

Just a thought, has anyone tried it?

Just a thought, how about quoting without graphics?

Just a thought, try keeping non-contructive comments to yourself. :smiley:

How about starting off on the right “foot” or is it hoof? :laughing:

It’s hoof :laughing:

Is that some GM modification or something unlike this post which probably doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting off the ground at least for 32 bit plugs.


Ive open several songs made in Cubase 5 in 6 that use the Powercore Virus
No problem at all

Actually Ive yet to find a single plugin that has caused a problem

More to report - have given up on x64 - it’s not going to be feasible for me until my plugins are updated.

Been using the x86 version and recent old projects I’ve tried that previously hung Cubase are now loading (I’m assuming that bad plugins have been blacklisted now and no longer causing problems). Not tried loading anything overly complex yet however.

Loving the new GUI tweaks.