C6 Mediabay Factory Presets

  1. add an instrument track
  2. in the “add track” panel, choose the function to browse the mediabay for a sound
  3. in the mediabay filter, add the tag column “instrument”; reset the filter

→ In the instrument tag column you will find the attributes “Halion Sonic” and “Halion Sonic SE”

  1. klick on the attribute “Halion Sonic”, so that only vst3presets for instrument “Halion Sonic” are visible in the result list.

  2. choose and note a preset (info: in the preset attributes you see, that the preset plugin is “Halion Sonic SE”, whereas the instrument is “Halion Sonic”)

→ an instrument track is created, with “Halion Sonic SE” as plugin

  1. click the preset/program symbol to choose another preset for the plugin “Halion Sonci SE”

→ in the preset list, only presets for INSTRUMENT “Halion Sonic SE” are available, but not presets for the INSTRUMENT “Halion Sonic”, even though both instruments are the same plugin “Halion Sonic SE”

  1. search for the name of the preset you noted in 5) you won’t find it, even though it’s preset for the plugin “Halion Sonic SE”

    I don’t understand this, can somebody (steinberg?) explain the relationship of tag “instrument” and plugin, and why vst3presets for the plugin “Halion Sonic SE” are available in the “add instrument track browser”, but not in the vst3preset browser for the plugin in the instrument track?

Any insights please?

can anyone explain the media bay in a more, like “technical” way?



ah c’mon, I really don’t want to talk to myself… nobody interested in these thing but me? You’re all Mediabay specialists?


I don’t give up… bump…