C6 & No Sound through MI4

I’m working on a Mac system with an MI4 interface. It has been working fine with Cubase Studio 4. But now in C6 I can get only get audio output through the Mac Internal Audio. When I load the MI4 in the VST Audio System and the Buses in VST Connections, I can’t get sound. (I switched back Cubase Studio 4 and the MI4 works fine!)

Is there in incompatibility problem between C6 and the MI4, or am I missing something obvious? Thanks for your help! - Jim


I assume you are on Mac OS X 10.6? The MI4 is only officially supported up to Mac OS X 10.5, and Cubase 6 only tested and released for 10.6. So it could be that you need another audio interface. A lot of things changed internally in Cubase between version 4, over 5 to 6.