C6 Official Launch Feb 16 - Oz



Four more weeks to wait. Five weeks after it’s official international release. Those boats are slow to get to the southern hemisphere. Planes must be too expensive for us.

Come on Yamaha/Steinberg, there’s an easier way to do this - and it doesn’t involve a five week wait. :unamused:

I hope downloading C7 is on the cards.

Just got off the phone to Yamaha.

They’re telling me we will be able to buy C6 “end of February”. I say: “so you’re commencing your launch on the 16th of Feb but you still won’t be able to buy it. Is that correct?” They say: “end of February”, “that’s all I know, darl”.

‘Darl’? Yep, that’s professional customer service in Australia for ya. I think she got a ‘sweety’ in there too. Gold. No wonder internationals still think there’s Kangaroos hopping down Swanston St. What a top sheila.

So anyway, you might want to make that 5-6 weeks before we can buy C6 in Australia. I wouldn’t be rushing out to their launch nights, thinking you’ll finally be able to buy it on the night. You might wind up frustrated and dissapointed.

Any Yam reps want to have a go at explaining why we have to wait two months after the rest of the world? I thought there was a pretty strong Cubase user base in Oz? And Chris B asserted “shipping immediately”. What’s with the two month delay?

I can feel a tanty coming on. Better have a nice cup of tea and a lie down.

Wow !! I feel for ya … just bung another shark on the barby & take it easy…
I’d happily post a copy of the main dvd or somebody could post/host it somewhere … but without the license reg number that’s in the box it’s no use.

Perhaps you could buy it online & have it delivered to me (or uk friends ?) … then when it comes (guess middle next week) I could post it off to you (guess 6 or 7 days airmail ??) which might get you it a week or three earlier ?? (postage cost may be steep ???)
Gladly help if I can…

Same story for us Canucks too… Mid to Late February… just like last time, months after Europe and the US.

Oh well, I see it this way, others can bleed and spot the bugs so we can avoid em later! :mrgreen: