C6 on Snow Leopard vs. Lion

Hi there,
I’m using C6 (sometimes C6LE) on my Macbook, OSX 10.68.
Is it safe to update to 10.7? Is there a change in performance?

Any experiences?

Thanks, Matze!

Aloha D,

C6 seems be to just fine with Lion but I have not found any real
DAW advantages over Snow Leopard.

Also before taking the leap make sure that the
drivers for your MOTU device
(and any other stuff) are ‘Lion ready’

HTH (hope this helps)

I have been running C6 in Lion but had a full backup of SL first and am retesting that. It may depend on the age of your machine as I have run into some issues even with a completely fresh Lion install on my older Mac Pro 2.66 quad. One is in 32bit mode there is a graphical issue where the Cubase top menu suddenly appears twice. It doesn’t cause problems running but it is weird having the Cubase menu appear twice.

In 64 bit mode I have more CPU clips when the drive buffers up (doesn’t do this in 32bit mode). I also am about to test if my MR816CSX will function properly in SL as in Lion Cubase loses the driver every time you load a new project. The only way around it is to remove the MR component so that Cubase thinks is it a generic interface.

You will also want to check your plugins as you may not be able to run a lot of them in Lion.

Hope this helps too!

EDIT: This all being said I just installed C6 on my Mac Mini slave (newest version) base model and it didn’t have any problems at all so it clearly is a hardware/OS issue with my aged MacPro. It also benchmarks much faster and I never thought this but I may consider turning the Mini slave into the main Mac and sell off the Pro for another model.