C6 on XP - ram limitations? Crashing at 1gb

Hi folks,

Yes I know Cubase 6 is not officially supported on XP, and I’ll probably be switching to W7 shortly. In the meantime I just went from C5.1 to C6 on XP SP3 x86. Machine is i7 950, 12gb ram (in preaparation for w7 x64), rme hammerfall.

Somewhere between 1gb and 1.1gb (as read in the XP processes tab), cubase returns a serious error message. Can anybody else reproduce this? Cubase 5.1 was fine. I am using alot of Waves plugs in these projects. Shortly before the serious error message occurs, when load testing with Waves plugs, cubase starts to refuse to load new Waves plugs (not others). Shortly after this, crash.

Any ideas?