C6 problem: big noise +100 dB !!!

Hi everybody,

I got a strange problem ! I can’t reproduce it but sometimes, a channel up at 100 dB with a big white/pink noise ! It’s often with a reverb or a plugin like Kontakt with for example a NY Grand piano which use a reverb. If i turn off the plugin, the noise stop but the meter stay at 100dB for a few minutes.
This is not a new problem, i knew that with Cubase 5. It’s very dangerous for the monitors & for my ears :frowning: and even with a limiter on the master, the master up to +100dB !!!

Anyone have a solution or have the same problem ?

PS: sorry for my bad english, i’m french :laughing:

I forget to tell you some details:

I’m on Win 7 64 bits, i us a MR816X soundcard.

But the problem was the same with Cubase 5, win XP 32 bits & a Motu 896MK3.

If you need more details, ask me.

Here we go again… As I said (copy-paste from it) on another thread similar to yours :

_The first thing I would do (from a recent experience) is to get rid of the following files (in \Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6) :

  • Vst2xPlugins Cubase.xml
  • Vst2xBlacklist Cubase.xml

    Then restart Cubase to force it to recreate them…_

I had the same problem with Alchemy about 4 months ago. The above process solved it. I already made a thread about this : https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=13646. No answer from Steiny crew…

Hope this will help. BTW : french fellow here also… :wink: