C6 Ship Date - USA?

So when will USA orders be shipped?

Ordered mine on the 13th… still waiting for a shipping confirmation e-mail. Not good. =[

This is not helpful, biut here is the response I got from Steinberg USA regarding this (I had also asked about the trial version):


Their is not a Cubase 6 trial up yet. It should be shipping in the US fairly soon. I do not have a specific date as of yet.

I will say they are much faster in responding than they were say a year ago.

I posted this in the other shipping thread…but since this one specifically titled the US, I guess it could bear a reprint.

As usual, Europe gets first dibs. Here in the U.S., we’ll probably see stuff shipping mid February, if past (C4, C5) shipping schedules are any indicator. There’s always been a 2-3 week (or so) lag while the stuff makes its way through Customs and into a shipping distribution center somewhere.

Surely some of you must remember the 2-3 week lag the US got when C4 and C5 were shipped? European customers got theirs first and we followed week later. What makes anyone think the process is going to change?

Sure, Steinberg USA responds faster to shipping queries…but quickly answering “when?” emails will still have no bearing on when the actual product gets in their hands and ships out of California. I’m telling you, that’s still going to be weeks away from now.
This is one of those posts where I hope I will be totally wrong…but I don’t think so.

From an email I received today from Steinberg…

“Steinberg is extremely proud to announce the release of Cubase 6. Steinberg expects to ship Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 by the end of January, so pre-order your update or full version now, or check it out in depth at your local Steinberg dealer.”


Is your credit card being charged right when you preorder or when it ships?

I ordered on the 13th and was charged on the 13th. No tracking as of yet…

All these posts about shipping - where, when, why, how etc…

I do hope Steinberg learn from this.

It would have been SO much easier to offer us a download option!

They won’t. This creates a buzz and frenzy for the new product. You can’t buy advertising like that to keep something in your customer’s faces.

I assume since you’re posting in the USA shipping thread you are in the U.S.? Has anyone else in the U.S. had there credit card charged yet? I placed my order on the 14th and it still hasn’t been charged yet…

Yeah US. Though I did pay with PayPal and not by Credit Card.

thanks for the reply Itata

any other American’s credit cards been charged?

Yes, mine was charged almost immediately.

ok cool… I guess I need to give my credit card company a call then

I mentioned in another thread I got this email from AskNet :
“Dear John,
Thank you for contacting asknet Customer Service.
The Cubase 6 will officially release on Monday and products will commence shipment on that date.
You will receive a tracking number as soon your order has been sent out for delivery.
Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,
asknet Customer Service”

I got this email on Friday Jan14.

I have not received a shipment confirmation email.

so I talked to my credit card company and they said everything is cool on their end they’re just waiting for AskNet/Steinberg to bill them…

its weird how some peoples cards got charged right away and others are still waiting (or maybe its just me?). I’m curious to know what the variable might be… maybe AskNet charged only the credit cards of everyone who ordered in the first 3-4 hours?

I ordered in the first hour and my card was charged almost immediately.

hmmm interesting… I placed my order on Friday the 14th sometime around 5-6 PST. I wonder if the fact that I placed my order so much later than you has something to do with it?

I placed my order on the 15th, but around 1:00AM, so really it was a Friday night. I guess I was charged immediately since they sent me an invoice containing a customer number, order number and an item number with prices. I e-mailed Steinberg North America today and am still awaiting a response. I’m about to go into my 5th day since ordering and still haven’t received a tracking number. Sure am glad I’m not the only one.

You might want to check with your credit card company to see if it was actually charged… I also got an invoice containing a customer number, order number and an item number immediately after I placed my order.