C6 Stability Impressions

For those of you not in the US and have been using Cubase 6 for a short while already, what are your impressions about the stability compared to Cubase 5.5.2?

very good stability ,no issues at all !


rock-solid here, Win7 64bit + Cubase 64bit

Incredibly stable from the 3 or 4 days i’ve been using it…

cubase studio 5 already ran pretty stable for me, i mean if you’re talking about crashes there hsa been virtually none, you could make it crash by sometimes being too hysterical with playing your daw for example while EWQL play was loading another instrument, or you could make cubase crash by choosing too many times a new latency setting on your soundcard prefference setup window. (at least that usually happened when I changed the latency setting of my hdsp9652.

I’m only 2 days working with cubase 6 64-bit (windows 7) but I must say i’m glad that I did the upgrade.

If you also count bitbridge issues as “stability”, then I must say the bridge still has trouble when loading mixed plugins (of 32/64bit) in the same vstplugins fomder. You better make subdirs and add every plugin individually and jbridge it when needed ,because cubase 6 64bit still won’t see the waves v8 plugins without jbridging the shell.

I’ve been using C6 extensively with a 100 track project for over a week now. Not one crash. My quadcore is running out of juice, but that’s another story…

All good after a day or so - large, 80+ track projects (mostly audio) run without problems; give me a week and I’ll come back to you… :slight_smile:

And this on WinVista 32…!