C6 to C4 LE

Hi All,

How do I convert a Cubase 6 project (and associated files) to Cubase 4. I want to run run my C6 project in C4 LE.



Create a MIDI file in C6 and open it in C4.
In C4 use: Menu > MIDI > Dissolve Part

Set the Left Locator to the left edge (
Set the Right Locator to the right side of your last part.
Export using Solo one track at a time.

Alternative to Audio:
Search for MEAP.
Great little tool that I wish was swallowed, digested and fully functional by Cubase by now, but it isn’t …

What are you trying to do? 1:1 downconverting including automation lanes + plugins won’t work as easy as it should.

When you simply want to transfer audio data then just use the range tool, pull over the entire project (starting at a full bar) and bounce new files. Results in common length files that can be imported in any DAW. Export MIDI files manually as MIDI or audio. Export the tempo track (or just note the tempo if it’s fixed).
Note: all fades and event volumes are included in the bounced audio.

If you want to include plugin processing + automation then set your locators and use multitrack export.

Many thanks for your help both of you :smiley: