C6 Trail question

Can some one tell me… I’m a registered user of C5, If I download the trial, can I purchase the C6 permenant upgrade license online?


IIRC, no. You have to buy the physical upgrade which would come minus a Dongle but with the activation code for a full license. I think I recall reading that somewhere but don’t remember where. Anyone have more definative info?

Your friend :mrgreen: “alexis” asked this several days ago… you´re correct


As near as I can tell, this site http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/cubase-6.html says you need a boxed product when upgrading from C5, nothing about the Trial Version making a difference.

I think I’m off to buy mine tomorrow, assuming Sam Ash has the upgrade package from SX3.

Pretty excited :smiley:

Does any one thinks purchase upgrade via web is a better solution?

You have already post the whole upgrade content online, why not an activation number??

The software is really good, shipping an empty box with a number is all wrong :frowning:

Coz it isn’t an empty box.

You get all kinds of other goodies and trial versions.