C6 Trial Problems

So I downloaded the C6 trial. Basically want to see how things run in 64-bit before I decide to upgrade. Some problems though. For wahtever reason, I cannot activate the trial. STart up Cubase and enter the activation code I received for the trial and it says that activation was successful, yet next time I open cubase, it says its not activated and that I have 1 day left on the trial. Whats the deal? I can only think that the activation code I received is from my registered steinberg account but I am activating on an e-licenser that is someone else’s (ie. myslef and my boss both own C5).

In any case, the other major problem is that I cannot save any templates? I am only using Kontakt 4 and Omnipshere, both of which presented no problems in C5 templates. When I try nothing at all happens. The dialogue comes up, I enter the template name and nothing. Is this a trial limitation or indicative of template issues in cubase 6? Note I am running C6 in 64-bit mode

System: Mac Pro Core Duo 2.8, 16gb, OSX 10.6.5 etc etc.

Not precisely sure what’s up, but there are a couple things to try…

Update the elicenser app,

Download the 6.0.2 update

Hide the C5 prefs folder from 6 (change it’s name temporarily)

(Delete C6 prefs if they did get created.)

Good luck…

Hello Atardecer,

The license activation and the software registration are two independent things.
Just click on “already registered” in the registration box.
Regarding the license: Can you post a screenshot of your License Control Center? (but pixelate/delete the numbers).

Hi there,

Yes its not the registration, but definitely the activation. Basically it is now working. When I open the license control centre the license correctly displays that I have 28 days left. However when I open cubase it still tells me I have 1 day left and I have three options "start cubase 6 artist’, ‘activate license (or something like that)’ and ‘start cubase 6’. But I can open cubase 6 and it works no worries, so even though the dialog still appears and tells me I have 1 day left, it has been working for 3 days now.

As per the template problems thanks for the tip - hiding the cubase 5 prefs and trashing cubase 6 prefs has got it working.


Don’t worry about it.

I got the same thing. I got the message: “You are running a Cubase 6 trial version. You may use it for another 1 day. Do you want to continue using the trial version?” every time I started Cubase 6.

Then I just clicked - “Continue Cubase 6 trial”, and the full Cubase 6 starts up and is fully functional in all aspects.

I got this message for the whole trial period of 30 days every time I started Cubase. After the trial period was over (as showed in the licener), I clicked once “Start Cubase Artist 6” and removed the thick in front of “Run Cubase trial version at next program start” in File->Preferences->General…

I am not sure what will happen if I re-enable the above thick. I guess I still have a few hours left of the original 1-day trial period. Anyway - the trial period convinced me the upgrade is worth the money, so within a few months my Cubase Artist will be upgraded… :wink: