C6 - UK - UPS say it's on its way

Not the day it was announced … the day after (Friday ?).

Still no tracking number email… http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/
Steiny!!!.. WHY YOU TEASE US SO!!! :laughing:

Well, I only ordered yesterday, so I guess it’ll be early next week at best, but then they could run out of stock!

I ordered the day of announcement too,

not heard a word apart from my initial email…they’ve got my money… aaarrrggghhh


Just heard off our guitarist who ordered his copy on saturday that his is on it’s way… so they don’t seem to be going at it on a first come basis.


Wonder what system they are working under, lets see

Surnames, Post codes, Length of time since original purchase of a version of Cubase, number of posts on forum (how likely you are to slate them if unhappy), How easy UPS can find your house (if it’s this one I’m stuffed based on past efforts).


need to get my mind off it

id like to know when they are going to ship for the grace period updates ,most proberbly the last to get c6 !


Damn I jinxed it !!
I checked again at 2pm today, and it said…

"In Transit" (so not on time any more then)
Scheduled Delivery:
Friday, 21/01/2011, By End of Day (slipping away…)
Last Location:
Herne-Boernig, Germany, Wednesday, 19/01/2011

and now it says

In Transit …
Arrived - Barking, United Kingdom, Wednesday, 19/01/2011

…so no scheduled delivery date anymore … but at least it’s in Barking !!

Mine is in Barking too.

Nice that it has some like minded company!

Barking. :neutral_face:

Just had email

Mine is underway, got tracking number now

In Germany, expected arrival Friday

Mine claims to be in Barking also - scheduled delivery tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Barking for me too, scheduled for Friday delivery.

You a long way from Barking then, Watty ? (just wondering why Friday. I’m 20 miles from Barking btw)

Hi Tony, yep I’m up in Scotland, don’t even know where Barking is!

East of London not far (up) from the Thames / Woolwich / East Ham etc.

Thanks for that :slight_smile: According to the tracking it’s left Barking now. UPS Standard is usually same day service once it’s in the country so who knows, may get mine tomorrow. Turns out I’ve got a full weekend of Pro Tools work lined up anyway so I’ll not get near it til Monday >:-(

Barking must be the UK hub for packets from Germany. It’s also my local depot!

I’m hoping mine goes through Tooting.

Anyway, the good news is that I received an email today. It tells me that Cubase 6 has been released.