C6 Up and Running

UPS delivered the package this morning.

Update from C4 took around 40 minutes (including the re-installation of various 64-bit driver) and went though without any errors or complaints.

Licence update (and registration) went through without a problem (though heart missed a beat when it asked for my “Activation Code” and I couldn’t find - found it on a bit of paper that had dropped on the floor as I opened the box!).

Haven’t installed all the trial VST stuff yet - will get to that later.

On the initial run it found the C4 installation and built new preferences based on it. Then did some background “media updates” - not sure what was going on there - then launched perfectly.

I’ve loaded a couple of existing C4 projects and dealt with any minor config inconsistencies around VST instruments and audio routing. When you save such a project it warns you that you won’t be able to re-edit it in C4 unless you rename it and then gives you the opportunity to do so or will do itself (brilliant!).

The display looks cleaner and more professional. Need to change my right-click habits though (unless there’s a preference setting I haven’t found yet).

So far, the thing is absolutely rock solid. I deliberately loaded a project which generated lots of clicks, pops and audio drop-outs under C4 and there is not a single hiccup in the whole play-back. The VST performance indicator hardly lifts off the bottom (it was all over the place with C4). It’s a delight to hear the whole file rendered without midi notes ciphering on after their note offs and the audio tracks completely free of glitches.

Had a go with the Variaudio and pitch correction on a previous project and I’m very impressed (as will the talent be when they hear themselves).

Going back to it now to play some more (including the media bay).

Seems well worth the upgrade price at the moment.

Thanks for the review… some of us are in that waiting/holding pattern and this is good info, feeds the needs! :laughing:

Are you running it under Windows 7 or another O/S? 32 bit or 64 bit?

I wants it NOW!!

Hey Jenks

Preferences>Editing>Tools>Popup Toolbox on Right Click

Whatever you set this to, holding down a modifier key while you right click will bring up the uppersit. :wink:

Best regards

:smiley: I sat down at the C5 DAW last evening and realized I now have C6 envy. What would Freud have made of this? :confused:

hey Jenks - nice review, thanks for sharing (as they say). God I am getting jealous of those new audio features…!! Sounds very promising indeed that news of your earlier, troublesome projects are now happily motoring along - on the same machine…!

Good Q - I’d like to know that too, if you can reply Jenks… :slight_smile: I’m still on Vista32 here and not going to Win7 for a bit… And yes, of course I’ve ordered C6… without batting an eyelid…!! :laughing:

I might just try a Vista install and see what happens (think DannyJlewis posted in another thread - with links to his great video tutorials/walkthroughs - that proved he had both C5 and C6 running ok beside each other on the same machine. Think that was Mac though…)

Jenks PM’d me saying he’s running on Win 7 64 bit. (He couldn’t post for some reason)

Ah… ok - thanks for posting… interesting…

It is the preferred environment I guess :sunglasses:

Roll on Monday (when my C6 arrives)… :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes. I’m waiting to order to see if it works on Vista, although I’m running Vista 64 bit.

Where are you located?

Wow good to know people finally getting it and it all seems ok.

Bit jealous. But it’s good to know.