C6 upgrade


I am trying to update to C6 but on activation I am being told there are no licences on the usb key to upgrade.
In my account I am already registered with C6. How do I get the licences onto the key ?
Do I need to unistall C6, reinstall C4 and register, then upgrade ?

Apologies if its a basic question, never had problems like this before.


As always: Already installed the latest eLc software…?

Updated from July’s version. Still the same - only mp3 encoder listed in my licences…?

C4 was previously installed on C drive, this is now not in use and C6 is on the D drive - would this make any difference ?

I don´t think so. The only thing that matters is the license on your USB key. You don´t need any Cubase version installed, you only need a valid license on your key. Are you sure, you ordered the correct update version…?

Yes, i got the C4/5 to 6 update. The problem is there are no licences on my key.
Should I uninstall, reinstall C4 and register, then reinstall C6 ?

The installation and registration of the cubase software does not hav to do anything with the licenses on the key. The license is being downloaded from the Steinberg server with the help of the activation code that comes with your Update or full version of Cubase. The license download is totally independent from an installed Cubase program. All you need is the eLC software and the activation code. If you don´t have any license on your key (but you had one before), something seems to be wrong. You should probably contact steinberg support.

I’ve had the key for years, contacted Steinberg support. Thanks for your time and help

Uninstalled and re-installed eLLC and used a powered hub for key… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: