C6 w/Akai mpk

So i just picked up the awesome mpk 88… very happy with it.

My question is in regards to the midi function with the knobs and faders. Is there some sort of template i can use so that whenever i open a specific plug in, the mpk is already mapped to specific parameters. I honestly havnt really tried anything other than the quick control functions, which works well but only has 8 parameters while the mpk has 48! I don’t mind setting everything up manually but would really like to have some way of saving so i don’t have to map manually every time i open a vst.


Hi njsmooth
On your Akai MPK CD is a folder Driveletter:\Preset Support Files\Cubase. There you finde a xml-file.
In CB go to configure devices (I hope so, because it is a translation from German) -> Remote Control. Add a device by clicking on the ‘+’ on the upper left, select generic controller. Now you have a added controller. All you have to do now is to import the mentioned file via the import button on the right. Voila.