C6 will not me roll back to 6.0.2

I cant get the 6.0.2 update file to work, running it just bring me a quick “loading” window and then all is gone, nothing happens! Any idea?

Oh carefully, do not give too much info, keeps people from having to ask basic, questions… :unamused: So do you want to roll back? (then why apply an update patch…?), or update…? Your OS is…?

Im on Win7, I thought using the 6.0.2 update file was the only way to get back! :slight_smile:

The video engine in 6.0.3 is not working for me so I need to go back asap, luckily I have never removed my C5 copy so Im using C5 instead!

So can you tell me how to roll back in Win 7?

I am fairly sure you have to re-install and apply the 6.0.2 patch from there.

Ok :frowning:

Windows control panel -> software -> “show updates” -> de-install 6.03.patch (that that´s the way it is in XP, but someone confirmed it´s the same in Win 7)

Brilliant! Working fine, thanks! Video Engine is now back up and running :slight_smile:

bookmarking, thanks for that explanation on XP, thinkingcap!

Using Windows System Restore points is another way to return to a previous state. That’s exactly why many programs will create a point before applying an update or making major changes. Good habit to get into. Create a point before you do an update, and at some time you’re going to be very happy you did.

I’m on Vista here, and can’t see the ‘software’ section, in order to find ‘show updates’.

I’d also like to roll back. 6.02 was stable for me, but this update is absolutely horrid. Lots of crashes. This is this last time I will listen to Steinberg recommendation that people install the update. It’s been a headache since I installed it. Lot’s of crashes.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m on Vista here, and can’t see the ‘software’ section, in order to find ‘show updates’.

Not quite sure why it was previously stated as “software”…as far as I know the correct selection is:
“add remove programs” in WInXP
“programs & features” in W7

I don’t have Vista, but sure you can work it out given this info.

Accessed via the “software” tab from the windows control panel.

thank you, thank you a thousand times!!! You made my day!
yes it’s similar in Windows 7, it’s called ‘view installed updates’ in the ‘uninstall and change program’ control panel. Just forgotten about it…

6.0.3 is such a piece of sh#t, now finally I can work again!
I think I will wait some time before I leave the safe grounds of 6.0.2 again!
I’ve never sufferd so much from a ‘minor’ update before!

Accessed via the “software” tab from the windows control panel.

Ahhh. Sorry…I wasn’t accounting for German language. My info correct for English language Windows only.

Thanks for the feedback, but I have one quick question:

A project I was working on got saved and overwritten, as being a 6.03 file. Will it be a problem to open them in 6.02, or will cubase do the same, and ask me to save the project as a 6.02 project?

I just want to check this info, before making the rollback.

you will be fine. I was able to open sessions I already saved in 6.0.3 after I rolled back to 6.0.2

Must be very rare cases, if at all, where there is a problem…