C6 won't let me remove VST 2.x Plug-in paths

I decided to copy my 64-bit plug-ins to a new folder, and remove the old folder with the 32-bit plug-ins from the plug-in paths (in Plug-in information) - this is so that I can try the 64-bit version prior to upgrading my Mac to get more memory. Whatever I do though the old path keeps reappearing in the list. I’ve trashed all of the preferences I can think of, but the old 32-bit plug-ins keep popping back up. Has anybody else had this problem?

Bump - nobody?

can’t you just put the old plugins somewhere else?

Thanks, yes that’s what I ended up doing. It would just be a bit more convenient to be able to add and delete paths, but it’s no big deal I guess.

Hi ChrisW -

Cannot you do this from the ‘Plug-in Information’ menu, via the button marked ‘VST2.x Plug-in paths’?